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Restaurants & Bars

Pullman Jakarta Central Park features extensive range of Food & Beverage offers at BUNK Lobby Lounge & Collage All Day Dining guaranteeing extraordinary culinary journey.

  • bunk-lobby-lounge

    Bunk Lobby Lounge

    Bar / Lounge

    Experience the comfort of Bunk Lobby Lounge. With its urbane atmosphere, enjoy the extensive range of teas, coffee and all day light meals. In the evening, BUNK sparkles when it transforms...

  • collage-all-day-dining

    Collage All Day Dining


    Collage All Day Dining is a fusion of modern style, cutting-edge design with excellent views and natural daylight. From its location on the 12th floor, it presents unparalleled magnificence...


Special Offers

  • ultimate-delicacies

    Ultimate Delicacies

    Experience a culinary adventure with Ultimate Delicacies! Ultimate Delicacies is a vibrant gourmet experience brimming with a generous array of International and local...

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  • delightful-iftar

    Delightful Iftar

    Ramadan Kareem! Gather your loved ones and catch up with friends in this Ramadan spirit only at Pullman Jakarta Central Park.   Pullman Jakarta Central Park...

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  • takjil-feast

    Tak'jil Feast

    Taste the sweetness of the blissful month, Ramadan, through sharing joyful moments with precious ones accompanied by sweet and savory treats at BUNK Lounge & Bar. Tak’jil...

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