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Accor Asia Leadership Conference 2024: A Journey of Creativity, Culture, and Collaboration

The Accor Asia Leadership Conference 2024 commenced with an unforgettable Welcoming Cocktail Night, setting the stage for a journey filled with creativity, culture, and collaboration. Hosted at Pullman Jakarta Central Park, the evening transported attendees into a world of art-inspired ambiance, soulful music, and gastronomic delights, marking the beginning of an extraordinary experience.


The Welcoming Cocktail Night dazzled guests with spectacular performances that ignited the senses and celebrated the essence of Asia. Renowned artists Andre 14K and Dhado Wacky mesmerized the audience with live painting, while the electrifying beats of DJ Lada and the enchanting melodies of violinist Kezia Amelia captivated hearts and minds.


As the conference unfolded, the Gala Dinner at the Accor Asia Leadership Conference 2024 showcased the vibrant tapestry of Asian culture and cuisine. Tantalizing menus featuring regional delicacies delighted palates, while entertainment by #TeamRoro, led by Ronald Soe, mesmerized attendees with traditional dances, performances, and music that celebrated the rich diversity of Asia.


Throughout the conference, General Managers from AccorHotels across Middle East, Africa, and Asia Pacific regions came together for dynamic days of conferences filled with insightful dialogues and groundbreaking strategies. The symphony of visionaries shaped the future of hospitality, paving the way for excellence and innovation in the industry.


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